TREECLOUD is a smart contract creator tool designed to help you create smart contracts like digital tokens and NFTs quickly and inexpensively without needing any knowledge of smart contract programming!

What are digital tokens?

Digital tokens are a digital representation of value that can function as a medium of exchange, a unit of account or a store of value.

Think of them like a coupon that entitles you to a free drink or a casino chip that is worth $100.

A digital token is similar, it represents a specific amount of digital resources you can own, assign to someone else or redeem later.

Digital tokens can be categorized into currency tokens (e.g. Bitcoin), utility tokens to use a company's services (e.g. Basic Attention Token (BAT)) and Asset tokens pegged to real-world assets like Gold (e.g DIAM).

What's an NFT? (Non-Fungible Token)

NFTs are certificates that attest to the authenticity, uniqueness and ownership of a digital asset (such as an image, a video, a song etc.) so they can not be replaced with other goods of the same kind.

The most obvious example of this is with paintings and works of art: they are also unique and 100% original.

NFTs are used in various sectors such as music, sports and online games, but the largest market remains art.

The popularity of these particular digital assets began to accelerate in early 2021 before exploding in March on the back of the news of the sale of the most expensive NFT ever: that of the artist Beeple, which London auction house Christie's fetched $69 million.

Some of the qualities that make an NFT go up in value are: Design, Originality, Scarcity, Rarity, First Edition.

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According to a report by analytics platform DappRadar, worldwide NFT sales volumes reached $10.67 billion in Q3 2021.

This represents a +704% increase over the previous quarter and an incredible +38,060% year-over-year increase.

The NFT market, in fact, is growing at a dizzying pace, analysts at investment bank Jefferies expect the value of NFTs to double next year and approach $80 billion by 2025.

They also see non-fungible tokens as a big opportunity for companies, from any sector.

In short, today on the internet, everything you create can be sold in the form of NFT and everyone can create their own "digital fortune".

Until now, however, there was no easy way to create digital tokens or 100% unique and original NFT collection.

In fact, if you wanted to generate one from scratch, you would have to pay thousands of dollars to a team of developers which could lead to unpleasant surprises.

A solution was needed to allow everyone (including beginners) to create their own tokens and NFT collections in a simple, autonomous and economical way. It is from this need that TREECLOUD was born.

TREECLOUD is designed to help you leverage the power of blockchain and smart contracts to create digital tokens, NFTs and more....

It is fast, smart and easy to use no-code software. It is suitable for beginners but also for experts.

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